Kyoto Botanical Garden

I would like to inform Kyoto Botanical Garden.

I ride subway from Kyoto to Kitayama station.
I get off Kitayama statiin, arrive at Kitayama gate.

Entrance charge is ¥200.

This Botanical Garden has 3 entrances, that are Main gate, Kamogawa gate and Kitayama gate.

This Botanical Garden was opened at 1924.
It has 24 hectare, 120000plants are planted.

After seeing hydrangea, go through the button, peony plant, go to the flower bed with the fountain.

I will see western flower beds and huge Himalayan cedar from the fountain to the rose garden.
I will head to a wonderful greenhouse in the west of the botanical garden.
Greenhouse requires 200 yen at extra charge.
The greenhouse’s jungle is hot and humid with summer hot in the summer, but the alpine plant area is air conditioned and comfortable. Please cool down the body here in the summer and refresh.

In the summer greenhouse, many flowers are blooming, fruits can be produced, and there is impressing.

After leaving the greenhouse.
When you walk watching the signboard of the tree, you can understand the characteristics of the tree well and become a tree doctor.

This botanical garden has impressive places such as Maple / Lotus / Peony roote and “Kyoto garden”, flowers of the four seasons, endangered species parks etc. are arranged.

In this botanical garden there are many families such as families with young children, young couples, senior plant lovers, overseas tourists, college students, and so on.

About 2 hours necessary for seeing plants walking around this botanical garden.
When you observe plants in detai, 4 hours necessary.

Please refresh the plant life power and healing effect at the Kyoto Botanical Garden where you are in good condition.

That’s it.<!–


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