Dear my foreign friends : my answer to Mr.Unknown

Dear my friends,

I have been trying to be careful when I asked you
if I could post your photos on my blog.

But now I’m afraid my explanations about my blog
sometimes may not have been enough
and may have caused misunderstanding.

If someone feels uncomfortable about
your faces being posted without blurring on my blog,
we’ll blur your faces asap.

If you want your name or your personal details
to be deleted from my blog,
we’ll delete them asap,too.

Maybe you have already received this message
from “Mr.Unknown”.

He said he had sent my message to you all
on July 4th for me.

Ever since then
I’ve been waiting…..waiting…..waiting…..

As he said some of you are mad at me,
I felt so sorry and devastated.

I’m really afraid of losing your friendship
and of our mutual cherished lovely memories being ruined.

I’ve been opening my Messenger more than ten times a day
every time feeling so nervous with my heart beating very fast.

But nobody sent me only one message so far
to blame me or to tell me to do something else since that day.

Recently I’ve been suffering from
irritable bowel syndrome more than a week.
I had blood in the stool and lost 3kilograms.

If this difficult situation goes on,
it must abuse my health severely.

So I wrote to him about my health condition
and asked him to give me the names of those who are mad at me
three times
so that I can apologize to you and do what I should do for you.

He answered twice
saying I should ask everyone individually
and show the sincerity of my apology.
But never gave me only one specific name.

He didn’t answer my third desperate message at all!

If someone refrains from sending a message to me
not to hurt my feeling,
please don’t hesitate to send one.

It’s much better for me to know how you feel
and what I should do for you
to get along beautifully with you from now on.

I’m waiting for your message.

Before this series of events,
my blog “mimosa days” was read by a small number of people
…my family,relatives,friends,some classmates,reliable acquaintances
and a few foreign friends…Chelsea in the US,Lara,Maria..
whom I introduced to this blog.

It was rare that someone happens to find my blog searching portal sites.
But [he]found my blog.

After he introduced my blog to you and others,
the number of readers spiked!!

I was overwhelmed being inundated with so many new readers.
After a while I noticed
the new readers have outnumbered my foreign friends whose photos are posted on my blog.

I read his messages via Messenger again a few days ago.
He was kind enough to write them in Japanese for me.

And I found a terrible fact and was shocked!!

たぶん これから様々な人から連絡があると思います。

these mean:

I showed it to some Japanese and
received some opinions like “It’s strange.” “She makes a show of foreign people.”

Some of them said they want to talk to (my real last name)san directly.(face to face)
You probably will receive messages from various people.

I had once believed he was trying to do right thing to protect you.
I apologized for my carelessness and asked him to send my message(above-referenced)
to the people who feel uncomfortable about my blog
on July4th.

But is he really a guardian of privacy and fairness? ?????

If he insists his justice,he is a man of double standard.

He connected my real full name and face without blurring on the Facebook
my blog which contains a huge amount of my information!!!
He disclosed it just to denounce me with those Japanese behind my back.

As you know, he is very proficient at Japanese.
He can read my blog like a Japanese
and understand how much my personal information was written in “mimosa days”

If you were Japanese or you could read Japanese,
you would easily identify my place and my parents’ place from the information I wrote.

Those Japanese Mr.Unknown mentioned had gotten information
what day (and what time )of the week we are not at home.
They can easily guess when we’ll visit our parents and visit Tokyo annually.
They had known our information when our house will be empty before I noticed about it.

I don’t want him to apologize to me because it’s meaningless.
I just want him to give me the names of those Japanese
who had gotten so much information about us
and to tell them to forget all my personal information and never to read this again.

Are those Japanese really trustworthy?
As an actual fact, one of them wrote a nasty comment
on my recent post 薔薇園2017前編 denigrating my blog.

But I believe you, my dear friends!!

You passed a rigorous screening of Japanese system,
and have been teaching in scohools earnestly
and enjoying nice relationship like a dream with your students.

If you are interested in ordinary Japanese woman’s life
… maybe not ordinary but somewhat eccentric elderly woman’s life,
please keep reading and use this blog as a part of materials to study Japanese.
It’s a great pleasure and honor to have such brilliant readers.

And when you notice something like …I wrote too much about someone’s privacy,
let me know via Messenger and I’ll delete it.

I really want to say
I never ever have an intention of making show of you.

I’d like my blog readers to know how cool and adventurous my young friends are,
and how energetically they are enjoying Japanese rural life.

Writing about cultural differences I have found is also very fun.

I’ll go back to Japanese.
Writing English in public makes me so nervous.
I’m afraid of having made mistakes.

Thanks a lot for reading such a long long blog.
See you in my next blog….
I’ll talk to you in Japanese because it’s much easier and relaxing.



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